Suspended warm air heaters EOLO


nagrzewnica EOLO

SYSTEMA introduces the new series of EOLO, suspended warm air heaters able to solve all heating problems, both for total and modular space heating. Compared with traditional heating systems needing a separate cabinet, the new EOLO heaters offer an innovative solution for heating while keeping running costs at a minimum. This is possible thanks to the fact that EOLOs are completely self-sufficient working units, and that you don’t need to heat up a heat transferring fluid such as water for heating the space. In this way you don’t have any needless heat losses.







  • It’s a completely SELF-SUFFICIENT working unit
  • It’s AIRTIGHT with respect to the outer environment
  • It can be suspended OVERHEAD for minimum space requirements
  • It’s EASY to install 
  • It’s extremely FLEXIBLE as it can be used in a great variety of applications
  • It’s very low-noise EFFICIENCY: HIGHER THAN 90% 
  • FUEL: natural gas, LPG or diesel oil


EOLO - ogrzewanie hal




BURNER WITH SUCKED AND PARTIAL AIR/GAS PRE-MIXING is done through a suction fan fitted at the end of the combustion chamber, with electronic ignition and checking of ignition. The appliances work both with natural gas or LPG and are approved and tested according to CE standard. They are fitted with the same components as the INFRA radiant tubes. These consist of: multiple gas combustion torch with stabilized flame, one approved ionization flame control, a double coil gas interception valve with adjustable slow ignition, safety pressure switch, pressure stabilizer and gas filter.

FAN: class H combustion product suction device, fitted with self-lubrificating bearings,230 V – 50 Hz power feeding, fan treated with special paints, resistant both to thermic stresses and fume agressions.

COMBUSTION CHAMBER in stainless steel.

Highly-efficient STAINLESS STEEL HEAT EXCHANGER working with three –fume cycles and large exchanging surface. The exchanger is moreover fitted with front and rear check doors to easen up maintenance of inner components. ZINK-PLATED METAL PLATE COVER, painted with epoxy powder with radiation-proof inner lining resistant to thermo-acoustic stresses.


VENTING GROUP: fitted with two low-noise axial–flow fans statically balanced or alternatively with a low-noise centrifugal fan which thanks to the special housing allows for many applications, such as the recirculation and filtration of the ambient air or /and the external air.

AMBIENT VENTILATION IN THE SUMMER PERIOD: if you want to get a better comfort in the workplace and to get a more frequent recirculation of the air, you can turn on only the venting group of your EOLO switching off the burner by means of a summerwinter switch.

FAN LIMIT SAFETY DOUBLE THERMOSTAT for the control of the venting group in normal working conditions and as limiting device of delivery air temperature.

JOINTS FOR CONNECTING FUME PIPES AND COMBUSTION AIR PIPES: they allow for an easier airtight connection of the whole system to the outer space.

DELIVERY GRID: fitted with horizontally and vertically adjustable fins for a better air distribution.

MODELS: there are 7 different powers available, between 22 and 140 kW, in 28 models both with axial and centrifugal fan, gas or diesel oil fired. Appliance conforming to ' LOW TENSION DIRECTIVE CEE 73/23' Appliance conforming to ' EMC COMPATIBILITY CEE 89/ 336' Appliance tested in accordance to EN 1020 CE certificate nr. 0063 – AR 4020 according to CEE 90/ 396.