Radiant pipes INFRA

INFRA - radiant pipes

Systema manufactures a vast range of radiant tubes "model U" with a length of 6, 9 and 12 meters.
They are compounded with burners with power of 28 or 45 kW, and a steel radiant tube with a "U" form, that starts from the burner, makes a 180° curve and return to the suction/fan, near the burner to exhaust the combustion products.
The combustion products heat the "U" tube that emits infrared radiations, that heats by radiation surrounded everybody.
There are also linear radiant tubes, (MONO) radiant tube with the burner and the suction at both opposite sides. Those tubes, are principally used in industrial and farming applications, their lengths are from 9m to 24m.

Working principle

How our heating infrared systems works?

The INFRA sealed gas Radiant Module designed and manufactured by SYSTEMA  is composed of: BAF burner with premixing of air-gas induced by a downstream fan, sealed chamber, thermal capacity 28/45 kW, composed of multigas torch with flame stabiliser in stainless steel, electronic ignition, no pilot flame, ionised flame control, slow ignition double-coil seal gas solenoid valve adjustable with pressure stabiliser and gas filter, safety air pressure switch, combustion air shutter adjustable in fixed positions according to the thermal capacity of the instrument, body painted with epoxy powders.
Electric exhaust fan with motor complete with heat deflecting disk, ventilated, special self-lubricating bearings, power supply 230V 50 Hz, IP 44, 50/100W, built-in overload cut-out, fan treated with special paints resistant to initial fume condensate.
Heating body through which combustion products run to take the external surface to temperatures which emit heat waves in the infrared field into the environment. The tubes are manufactured of alluminized steel due to the calorization process the tubes are annealed at high temperature to give high even color finish. Combustion chamber in stainless steel for 45 kW models.
Specular reflecting canopies to deflect irradiation from the tubes downwards, in AISI 430 stainless steel with high reflection coefficient in the infrared field.
Supporting brackets for radiant tubes and reflecting canopies, in steel. Instrument in conformity with the LOW VOLTAGE Directive 73/323/EEC Instrument in conformity with the EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC Instrument checked to European standard EN 416-1 CE Certificate type No. 0063 in conformity with Directive 90/396 EEC. Considerations on health-hygiene regarding INFRA radiant tube modules manufactured by SYSTEMA S.p.A. by Prof. Giuseppe RAUSA of the Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, UNIVERSITY OF FERRARA.


Infrared radiant tube INFRA


These are characteristics of our heating infrared system:

  •  Possibility of heating single zones
  •  Heat concentrated on the floor
  •  Absence of air movement in the environment
  •  Limited air stratification between floor and ceiling
  •  Absence of suspended dust particles
  •  Working in comfortable warmth breathing fresher air
  •  Healthier environments



Ventilation and infrared radiant tubes



Optional accessories

Specular reflecting canopies model RBT with upper insulation in rock wool.
Brackets and reflecting canopies model MAXI for application at heights of over 13 metres or for wall-mounting.
Protective net against accidental contact with radiant tubes for gyms, bowling alleys and tennis courts. Thermostat for temperature limits of radiant tubes with capillary contact probe.
Housing for fume suction fan.







Infrared radiant tubes INFRA