Gas convectors KING

Airtight Gas Convectors KING

Konwektor ciepła KINGEvolution of technique is bringing, also in the field of heating, to a continuous research of new equipments in alternative with the traditional systems, in order to improve security, functionality, to give a comfortable climatisation and to allow better energy economies.

With the KING series, SYSTEMA presents its products range in the field of gas fired convectors with forced or balanced flow, which represents a valid and economical alternative to the conventional heating used up to now. The equipments are gas fired (natural gas or L.P.G.). Combustion takes place in an airtight heat exchanger. The air needed for combustion is not taken from the room to be heated but from outside, by a specific pipe, and products of combustion are evacuated outside by a pipe which is coaxial with the air pipe. These convectors, having an airtight combustion (type C) can be installed anywhere, in any type of room, like bedrooms or bathrooms, without air inlet openings, which are mandatory when the equipment to install is of type B. Elegant and refined,

KING convectors have an agreable and functional look, with smooth lines, proposed in two different colours: ivory and brear-wood; easy to harmonize with any type of decoration, from the most modern to the rustic one. Their specific and exclusive system of grids on the front and in the upper part allows to get in a short time a high comfort level, a better thermal efficiency due to heating both by convection and radiation, with the advantage of a good distribution of heat in any point of the room, without determining air stratification. KING equipments are sure because the combustion cycle takes place in a completely airtight chamber and the flame is controlled by a thermocouple or by an electronic device, depending on the model, which stops the gas supply in case of flame extinction.


KING equipments allow substantial energy economies (about 30 - 40%) in comparison with conventional systems, because the requested temperature is obtained in a very short time. Each equipment being independent, installation can take place in different times, according to the needs of the user. Installation is quick and easy: it consists in fixing the equipment by four screws to a perimetral wall, after having made a hole communicating with outside, with a diameter which allows the passage of the coaxial pipe for air inlet and exhausts output. KING convectors are unique in their sector, the product range being very large, with 26 models, allowing the solution of any problem of power, type of installation and size. Certain models allow the use of pipes of length up to 5 meters, others can operate without electrical connection.


KonwektorModels from 2 and 5,3 kW have the combustion chamber in cast iron, the most suitable material for this use, because it assures noiseless working conditions, has a life guarantee of 10 years and a high combustion efficiency. The heat exchanger is formed by two shells easy to separate, in order to allow access to the burner, inspection and cleaning, if necessary, of the combustion chamber.


Models from 7,2 to 13,3 kW are in thermal steel, specifically chosen to allow different applications (on the wall or on the ceiling) due to its light weight. This series of models is also built in the version for heating and air conditioning in any season. With KING convectors it’s possible to heat the house room by room, to program temperature hour by hour and day by day. Controls are simple and grouped in just one panel with an easy access, not visible from outside. KING convectors are supplied with a kit of exhaust and air inlet pipes, fixing.