Radiant stripes OHA


promiennik ohaThe radiant strips heating system OHA are adequate to heat medium large industrial, commercial and sports buildings, with gas and diesel oil.


The  OHA are composed by an external combustion unit which can be installed outdoor and radiant tubes hanged on the ceiling of the building and heat uniformly all the surface, when it is required, or in particular zones. The radiant strip can be longer than 150 m. The high efficiency of the radiant strips OHA is due to the uniqueness of the combustion head, studied and optimized for the combustion group SYSTEMA.


The power of the flam and the length of the combustion chamber contribute to the overall issue like the action of the suction fan, able to guaranty the capacity of the recycle of the combusted gas in the radiant circuit over 4000 square meters per hour, beyond a correct depression in the combustion chamber, engine of the air and gas mixing process. The heat distribution happen through the aluminates steel tubes which by the uniqueness of the material and the coating used, guaranty a maximal radiant capacity.




These are characteristics of our radiant strips heating system

  • Heat concentrated at floor level only - No moving air in the room
  • Fewer layers of air between floor and ceiling
  • No suspended dust
  • You can work at a comfortable temperature, breathing fresh air
  • Healthier rooms
  • Noise free


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