Ceramic heaters SCR



Promiennik SCR Innovative pre-s for ramix combustion system modulating plaque heaters.

Two models for range of output :

  • manual version
  • automatic version

SCR 25... outputs from 12kW to 24kW
SCR 45...
outputs from 24kW to 48kW

Two versions available:

SCR...M Manual models: 4 outputs available with manual adjustment
In models SCR...M, the customer can choose the output to suit the heated area. As a result of the onboard digital power adjuster (PWM) power can be adjusted in the following modes:

  • Fix power, through the PWM digital power adjuster, the power is fixed and cannot be modified.
  • Adjustable power, linked to the onboard PWM controller there is a "remote controller" allowing to change the power output. This can be manually adjusted within the heaters range to suit individual requirements.
  • Adjustable power and Maximum flexibility, thanks to a remote control, we can change at will the output within the range previously inputted on the PWM digital power adjuster.

SCR...A Automatic modulating: this output is continously adjusted by a computerized control INET according to the heating requirements of the area. Innovative but simple: Pre-mix combustion system Available for use with all types of gas maintaining maximum efficency Adjustable fan speed Permanent modulating gas valve High efficienty Ceramic plates Large reflectors Potential to install gas filters Potential to take air from outside






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